Alice and Gen on the air

September 13, 2011

Listen to Alice and Gen on ABC Riverina.

We found time today (actually, we just got up earlier than normal) to pop in on Chris Coleman of the Morning Show on ABC Riverina in Wagga Wagga. Had a lovely chat. Check it out with the link above.

The competition…

September 11, 2011

When in Melbourne, at a certain time of year, it’s almost impossible to avoid the crowds, the traffic, and the high spirits induced by the footy. Last night there was the small matter of a match between magpies and eagles, or some such. To us uninitiated chicks, the eagles – being a mightier bird and swifter hunter – would have been the obvious pick to come out on top. Against all instinct, and anything Darwin might have assumed about survival of the fittest, the magpies proved the stronger bird.

In any case, it did nothing to interfere with the concert-attendance plans of our very enthusiastic Melbourne audience for the first performance of our 2011 tour.

It was the ‘M’ of Melba Hall and not the ‘G’ that played host to SHE. Nerves and excitement combined backstage. It’s been a while since we’ve all played together, and of course new member Lucy was giving her first performance of all our repertoire. We premiered both of our new works – Mary Doumany’s Oshun Beneath the Veil with the composer present, and Damian Barbeler’s Seven Shades of Sorrow.  Ingrid’s arrangement of two movements from Handel Water Music which opens our program also rang out in concert for the first time.

Ahh…. It’s good to be back!

(Needless to say, the winner on the night was music. And full credit to the other team.)

A fortunate thing

September 10, 2011

Person(s) unknown managed to gain access to the cabin of the truck last night. But apparently harp strings, tuning keys, and electronic chromatic tuners hold no interest for ‘grab-and-run’ thieves. I, for one, am grateful that they weren’t particularly interested in my music either. Or we would have been touring as the Six Harp Ensemble!   *Phew* What is it they say? One man’s trash is another man’s treasure?

Introducing Lucy

September 9, 2011

For this tour, we’ve been joined by lovely harpist Lucy O’Shea, who has replaced an intrepid Liena Lacey.

Lucy has bravely taken on the learning of our whole program – 13 new works in all – which any harpist will tell you is no mean feat. SHE thinks she’s doing a tremendous job.

A little bit about Lucy: she started playing the harp at age six, and graduated from the School of Music in Canberra just a couple of years ago. She’s got several ‘strings’ to her harp, including being a Churchill Fellow after travelling to Italy to study the intricate and complex art of harp maintenance and regulation at the Salvi Harp factory. Lucy was the first woman ever to graduate from the course! She also has a Grad Dip in Music and Italian Education, which she’s put to good use in London and now in Melbourne, her home town, where she teaches Italian at Cantebury Primary School.

She’s a great addition to the team, and has even taken on the role of official photographer for the tour. Welcome Lucy!

Ever wondered?

September 8, 2011

Have you ever wondered how the harp works? What are the pedals for? How do we move our harps around on our own? What about seven at once? Post your questions on our ‘Ask SHE’ page. And in the meantime, have a listen to Genevieve shed some light on this magical instrument as she chats with 2MBS host Simon Moore… SHE on 2MBS

Announcing our 2011 tour

August 25, 2011

Hi there folks! Excitingly, and somewhat dauntingly, we’re about to hit the road again for the 2011 SHE tour. We’ll be visiting seven regional and metropolitan centres in Vic, NSW and ACT. We’ve got a couple of brand new works by Mary Doumany and Damian Barbeler to premier, as well as a delightful arrangement by our very own Ingrid Bauer of a couple of movements from Handel’s Water Music.

Really hope to see you at one of our concerts. For more information about dates, venues, and tickets, please check out the ‘2011 tour’ tab at the top of this page.

SHE’s on the ABC

May 12, 2010

Rather excitingly, a fan reported this evening that the ABC was playing one of the tracks on our CD – Ross Edwards’ Arafura Arioso. You can order a copy of our debut recording Bolmimerie by visiting   The catalogue number is TP204. Happy listening!


May 3, 2010

I have promised a few key people that photos will soon appear on the blog… and they will! Just watch this space!… (or more correctly, watch out for them on the Gallery page…)

SHE’s home!

April 28, 2010

Well folks, it’s been quite a trip! Eight concerts, four workshops, over 2,300 kms travelled, eight new strings replaced (not bad, given the distances and climates traversed!), seven weary harpists, and one bushed roadie are all now home again. The tour wrap-up

It’s just occured to me that at no point on this tour has anyone said ‘Don’t you wish you’d taken up the flute?’ And what I always say is…